In case you missed it!

RockMon has some new upgrades that will make your work life easier! Release 1.19 added many new updates that include but are not limited to: The RockMon Snapshot Tool, new RockMon AI that provides advice, SSL certificate expiration notifications, a new Hardware History Report, implementation improvements, and many others. New Features: Support Snapshot Tool On Read more

In case you missed it!

See the new usability improvements in RockMon Release 1.17! Additions include adding new dynamic and real-time moving data flows to the organization diagram, providing new End Of Service Life (EOSL) alerts (yay for easier inventory control), a new configuration history report, adding the ability to monitor dedicated replication servers, easier access to your managed organizations, Read more

In case you missed it!

RockMon has some new upgrades that will make your work life easier! Release 1.13 added many new updates that include but are not limited to: RockMon agents reporting their own log levels (an indicator that product systems may be filling up), the ability to disable instance monitoring (when needed) while continuing to monitor system metrics, Read more

Identity Fusion Responds to Directory Services (OpenDJ) Security Advisory #201703

ForgeRock released Security Advisory #201703 covering two medium security vulnerabilities for Directory Services (OpenDJ) impacting versions 2.6 on up to 3.5.1 as well as the embedded OpenDJ in OpenAM 12.X, 13.0.0, and 13.5.0. Vulnerability Issue #201703-01: Bind Request trace logging shows plaintext password The first vulnerability “Bind Request trace logging shows plaintext password”, is only Read more

OpenIDM Property Value Substitution

Property value substitution can be a useful technique for customizing OpenIDM deployments across multiple environments. Assume, for instance, that you have three environments (Development, Test, and Production).  Your OpenIDM deployment has been configured for one OpenDJ system resource, but the configuration properties for that resource is different across each environment.  The following diagram demonstrates the Read more

Configuring OpenIDM Password Reset

ForgeRock OpenIDM is a powerful account management and data synchronization tool that provides many robust features out of the box.  Some of these features must be enabled, however, before they can be used.  Once such feature allows a user to reset their password in the OpenIDM Web UI by responding to challenge questions. The OpenIDM Read more

OpenDJ and the Fine Art of Impersonation

Directory servers are often used in multi-tier applications to store user profiles, preferences, or other information useful to the application.  Oftentimes the web application includes an administrative console to assist in the management of that data; allowing operations such as user creation or password reset.  Multi-tier environments pose a challenge, however, as it is difficult Read more

Hacking OpenAM – An Open Response to Radovan Semancik

I have been working with Sun, Oracle and ForgeRock products for some time now and am always looking for new and interesting topics that pertain to theirs and other open source identity products.  When Google alerted me to the following blog posting, I just couldn’t resist: Hacking OpenAM, Level: Nightmare Radovan Semancik | February 25, 2015 There Read more