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Customer Expectations with CIAM

Your omnichannel strategy must cater to customer demands for simple, fast, secure access to your products and services. Omnichannel solutions also help you deliver consistent customer experiences across all devices. At the same time, you need to keep personal information, applications, and user accounts secure, remain compliant and still provide hyper-personalized offers and services. If you can't deliver it all, you'll lose to a competitor who can.

Our customer identity and access relationship management (CIAM) solutions power your omnichannel marketing to help you deliver desired business outcomes and exceed customer expectations. We use identity resolution (IDR) to associate identities across different devices and platforms and connect them to one unique user identity, giving you a 360-degree of customer insights and preferences.

Business Outcomes

  • Provide personalized offers and customer service throughout the customer journey
  • Protect personal information, company data, applications and networks
  • Save resources with self-service registration and account maintenance
  • Safeguard customer privacy to build trust and loyalty
  • Collect cross-device and platform customer data and behavioral intelligence
  • Make complying with regs such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOX easier
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Customer Expectations

  • Personalized service and offers
  • Secure, fast, convenient online shopping and service experience
  • Control over how personal data is used
  • Fast, simple registration and login
  • Simple, self-service account management and password reset
  • Excellent, fast customer service, be understood and have needs met
  • Do business with trustworthy companies

More CIAM Benefits

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Enable innovative customer experiences and add digital identity security to new technologies.

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Visibility and Control

Know who has access to what at a granular level and make changes quickly.

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Boost sales and revenue by delivering seamless experiences across devices and offline interactions.

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Cost Savings

Limit IT staff needed to manage CIAM, and the time they spend on it, and help mitigate the costs of human error, negligence, data breaches and ransomware.

CIAM Strategies and Tools

API First Methodology and Microservices

Deliver microservices and better user experiences at scale, and future-proof your identity management solutions. We help you establish a secure, repeatable way to integrate APIs based on defined protocols and standardized libraries to support microservices, authentication and authorization.

Zero Trust

Mitigate risk and limit the impact of compromised identities. Treat all internal and external users as potential threats to limit the impact of bad actors. Continually authenticate and validate all identities and control access by allowing the least privileges required for each customer.

Identity Synchronization

Ensure that identity changes persist across every relevant system according to key business rules and processes to create a consistent customer experience across devices.

User Provisioning

Create, modify, delete and manage user accounts safely and securely. Use role-based provisioning to automate access changes as you launch new products and services.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Stop depending on passwords that are easily compromised. Use modern passwordless authentication such as tokens and biometrics to block account takeovers and phishing attacks.

Single Sign-On and Federated Identity

Enable SSO to allow users to access internal networks and applications with a single set of credentials such as social logins. Similarly, Federated Identity allows users to access external applications with one set of credentials.

CIAM is Essential to Your Cybersecurity Strategy and UX


Customers willing to pay more for simpler experiences


2020 Global credential
stuffing attacks


Customers more likely to recommend brands with simpler experiences

Sources: Siegel + Gale, Akamai, Siegel + Gale

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