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Modernize Your Workforce IAM
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Remote work and digital transformation demands make providing frictionless access while maintaining security a necessity. Often, legacy and homegrown IAM systems cannot support ecosystems that include on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks and SaaS applications.

Identity Fusion has been supporting remote work for decades. Our cybersecurity-focused identity solutions keep your hybrid workforce connected without compromising security.

Workforce IAM Benefits

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Deliver consistent access with a frictionless user experience from anywhere, using any device.

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Mitigate cyber threats associated with identity-based hacks and privileged access abuse.

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Protect sensitive personal data by limiting access to applications and specific features.

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Accelerate cloud migration and business agility by adding a layer of security to new technologies.

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Visibility and Control

Know who has access to what at a granular level and make changes quickly.

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Boost productivity with consistent access to resources and collaboration tools.

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Comply with banking, insurance, healthcare and other regulatory requirements. Think FINRA, HIPAA, and SOX.

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Cost Savings

Limit the costs of extensive IT resources and time, human error, negligence, data breaches and ransomware.

IAM Strategies and Tools

Zero Trust

Mitigate risk and limit the impact of compromised identities. Treat all internal and external users as potential threats to limit the impact of bad actors. Continually authenticate and validate all identities and control access by allowing the least privileges required for each user.

User Provisioning

Create, modify, delete and manage user accounts safely and securely. Use role-based provisioning to automate access changes as user needs change or when employees change roles or leave the organization.

Identity Synchronization

Ensure that identity changes persist across every relevant system according to key business rules and processes.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Stop depending on passwords that are easily compromised. Use modern passwordless authentication such as tokens and biometrics.

Single Sign-On and Federated Identity

Enable SSO to allow users to access internal networks and applications with a single set of credentials. Similarly, Federated Identity allows users to access external applications with one set of credentials.

Identity Governance

Audit all identities and access to limit the damage caused by external threats and internal negligence. Check for access creep and inactive accounts, paying special attention to identities with privileged access such as administrator accounts.

IAM is Essential to Your Cybersecurity Strategy


Attacks preventable by MFA


Identity-based hacks

$ trillion

Global cost to fix breaches

Sources: Microsoft, Verizon, Cybercrime Magazine

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Modernize your workforce IAM.

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