Overcoming Identity Access Management Challenges in the Cloud Era

ESG Showcase Paper


Mitigating Remote Work Cyber Threats

During the early days of the pandemic, organizations had to quickly adapt to support a fully remote workforce overnight while keeping data and applications secure. 

This sudden change and the resulting dependence on cloud applications meant a lot of corporate infrastructure and perimeter defenses were weakened or gone. In the rush for immediate remote support, digital transformation and cybersecurity suffered.

While the worst of the pandemic may be over; remote work is here to stay. Using private or public cloud demands changes in your identity and access management (IAM) program. 

In this Showcase Paper, ESG explores how the use of the cloud in an IAM context differs from on-premises IAM and the skills required to ensure success.

The Rise of Cloud-Based IAM

ESG surveyed IT leaders to understand the security challenges created by remote work. ESG analysts then reviewed how cloud-based IAM can address those challenges. Results include:

  • The top authentication tool respondents require or will require to boost security in the cloud
  • Reasons behind the rise in adaptive authentication technologies
  • The rise in privileged account access controls and biometric authentication
  • How IAM supports a zero-trust strategy
  • Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) cloud solutions

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