Identity Governance
and Administration

Monitor and Control Access For All Identities, Applications and Devices

Identity Governance and Administration

The Identity Fusion team specializes in deploying highly sophisticated Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solutions that centralize and streamline the management of access to data, networks, SaaS tools, IoT devices, and application features. Our expertise enables organizations to gain enhanced visibility into user behaviors and access patterns through comprehensive analytics from a single platform.

With a focus on professional excellence, Identity Fusion tailors IGA implementations to align with specific business roles and needs, facilitating automated provisioning and seamless integration across on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid environments. Our consultants leverage the latest advancements in Identity Governance to significantly enhance risk mitigation and awareness strategies.

Let us advise you on the benefits IGA brings to Digital Transformation and Zero Trust. All too often IGA is deployed in isolation creating unforeseen challenges to meet compliance and audit requirements.

Choose Identity Fusion for our proven expertise in enhancing and integrating IGA solutions into existing cybersecurity frameworks, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your security investments and ensuring robust, compliant access management.

How IGA Mitigates Cyber Risk

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  • Audit identities for access creep leading to overprivileged users
  • Enforce a zero-trust, least privilege framework
  • Continually monitor privileged accounts with high-risk access
  • Minimize attack surfaces of bad actors
  • Meet compliance and privacy requirements by verifying and enforcing access controls
  • Control and monitor access as you launch new technologies in your digital transformation roadmap

Zero Trust

Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) plays a vital role in supporting Zero Trust initiatives by enforcing rigorous access controls and continuous verification of identities across all organizational resources. By integrating IGA into Zero Trust frameworks, organizations can ensure that access to sensitive data and systems is strictly based on the principle of 'never trust, always verify', regardless of the user's location or device. IGA solutions provide the necessary infrastructure to assign and manage access rights, manage user identities, and enforce policy compliance dynamically. This approach not only strengthens security postures but also supports the granular access control required for an effective Zero Trust implementation, thereby reducing vulnerabilities and mitigating potential breaches.

Zero Trust
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Digital Transformation

Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) serves as a foundational support for Digital Transformation, facilitating secure and efficient management of identity and access across increasingly complex IT environments. As organizations adopt new technologies and expand their digital footprints, IGA ensures that the right individuals have appropriate access to critical digital resources through robust policy enforcement and role management. This not only enhances security by preventing unauthorized access but also streamlines user experiences by automating access decisions based on predefined rules. By integrating IGA frameworks, businesses  accelerate their digital transformation initiatives while maintaining compliance and protecting against emerging cyber threats, thereby driving innovation without compromising security.

Privileged Access Management

A comprehensive IGA plan includes privileged access management (PAM). PAM ensures that you pay close attention to identities with high-risk administrative access. It’s essential to minimize the attack surface of these accounts to protect against possible cyber attacks. IGA helps ensure that all identities have only the least access needed to get their jobs done and helps keep credentials secure.

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What Do Companies Say About Identity and Security?


IAM is a top technology to improve cybersecurity posture


Experienced a cyber attack during the pandemic


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