Identity and Access Management

Identity-First Security Solutions

Securing Frictionless Access in a Connected World

Deliver a remarkable user experience without sacrificing privacy and security.

Identity Fusion’s identity and access management strategies and tools boost your frontline cybersecurity defense. A single lost password should never lead to a catastrophic breach or ransomware attack.

Our team architects and implements zero-trust frameworks, multifactor authentication, and passwordless authentication, including biometric options. We understand that you need IAM security powered by AI and machine learning that ensures privacy and compliance — all while delivering a seamless user experience

Modernize Legacy Solutions or Migrate to a New Platform

Identity Fusion architects can work with any vendor product, such as ForgeRock, Okta, and Ping Identity. We will help your organization succeed by sharing the knowledge we have gained from decades of cybersecurity, identity, and access management experience.

We won’t implement IAM and walk away until you are ready to take the helm. When we do hand it over we want to be sure you know what we do, why, and how.

Workforce (IAM)


Ensure your hybrid workforce has consistent access to the tools they need to stay productive while mitigating the risk of an identity-based breach.

Consumer (CIAM)


Trim your time to market, scale quickly, and keep data secure while providing an effortless user experience, all while maintaining compliance and privacy.

We Offer Complete Identity-First Security Solutions

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Device Management (IoT)

IoT devices increase the risk of a hacker or unauthorized user stealing sensitive data. We deploy robust IAM solutions to control access to smart devices and protect them from external threats and internal access abuse.

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Identity Governance

Don’t be the next ransomware victim. We can review your current Identity Governance Administration (IGA) policies to identify and correct any security gaps now. IGA also helps maintain compliance and separation of duties.

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IAM Security

IAM security mitigates the risk associated with identity-based attacks. Leverage modern security practices including multi-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and passwordless authentication such as biometrics.

Why Do Organizations Need IAM?


IAM is important to
risk management and security


Have at least a few
overprivileged users


Security is a key
driver of IAM

Source: Cybersecurity Insider

Clients Who Trust Identity Fusion


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Add IAM to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Let's talk about the benefits of identity and access management.

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