Identity Fusion Blog: Implementation

How do you Implement IAM? One Bite at a Time.

Oftentimes, tasks can seem daunting when you focus on the big picture and IAM implementations are no different.  Successful IAM projects take a gradual, methodical approach to the..

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stress testing letters with ones and zeros

It’s OK to Get Stressed Out with OpenAM

  In fact, it’s HIGHLY recommended…. Performance testing and stress testing are closely related and are essential tasks in any OpenAM deployment.

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Advice to CIOs for High Exposure Projects

I read an article in CIO Magazine about the plight of today’s CIOs when multi-million dollar multi-year projects go awry. The article entitled “The CIO Scapegoat” indicates that..

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Opinions About the Federal Government’s Identity Initiative

Interesting read. This is essentially a WebSSO initiative with authentication based on CAC type ID cards or OpenID.

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Directory Servers vs Relational Databases

An interesting question was posed on LinkedIn that asked, “If you were the architect of LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook or other social networking sites and wanted to model the..

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