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The Power of Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI)

Introduction In today's interconnected digital landscape, the way we perceive and manage our identities has undergone a significant transformation. Gone are the days when our..

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In Pursuit of Trust: Exceeding Expectations in Project Delivery

Introduction We have recently concluded a project involving the migration of a major global provider of managed cloud computing services from CA Directory to a modern and more..

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IAM for Hybrid IT Environments: Balancing Security and User Productivity

IAM for Hybrid IT Environments: Balancing Security and Productivity

Introduction Hybrid IT allows companies to optimize their costs by utilizing cost-effective cloud resources for non-critical applications or workloads while maintaining..

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The Next Generation of Identity Management

The face of identity is changing. Historically, it was the duty of an identity management solution to manage and control an individual’s access to corporate resources. Such..

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OpenIDM 3.1: A Wake Up Call for Other Identity Vendors

Having implemented Sun, Novell, and Oracle provisioning solutions in the past, the one thing that I found to be lacking in ForgeRock’s OpenIDM solution was an easy to use..

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A New Generation of Indentured Servitude

Your digital identity is comprised of information that you volunteer about yourself and information that is observed about you as you simply participate in life. You can..

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man and woman profile with question marks

Disjointed Identity

Having my identity located in so many different databases is like wearing multiple watches

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ziggy secret identity cartoon

Secret Identities

Methinks that Ziggy secretly works for Facebook.

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Facebook’s Trolling for Keywords

I posted a status to Facebook that included the words “Sea World” and all of a sudden I received a recommended page for Sea World and other Orlando theme parks in their..

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Book Review: Digital Identity

Digital Identity by Phillip J. Windley See this book on Amazon » Bill has read this book Recommend This is a clear, consise, and easy to read book on IDM and DRM. I recommend it..

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