Professional Services

Identity Fusion offers a full range of professional services focused solely on identity management solutions. Our proven AIM2 Methodology has been tested across multiple industries (financial, health care, federal, education, telecommunications, and manufacturing) and our consultants have proven themselves time and time again.

Professional service offerings include:

  • Requirements Analysis and Project Definition
  • Vendor Selection (RFI, RFP, RFQ Processes)
  • Project Implementation
  • Architectural Design
  • Application Monitoring
  • Ongoing Management

Consider the Following…

Have you ever found yourself lost but making great time? This is one of the most common problems uncovered when Identity Fusion consultants first meet with a new customer. Customers may not always recognize it, but improper or unrealized expectations (i.e. projects headed down the wrong path) are one of the most common pitfalls in any identity management project.

Oftentimes, a customer will attempt to implement an identity management solution on their own or they will hire a partner that really doesn’t understand their requirements or how to best implement the vendor’s products to meet those requirements. Either way, the result is the same; an unhappy customer that has an implementation with one or more of the following problems:


  • Is not scalable
  • Is not highly available
  • Has poor performance
  • Is improperly aligned with system resources
  • Does not meet the vendor’s support requirements
  • Has a high degree of end-user dissatisfaction

There are a lot of great companies that can manage projects well, have excellent developers, and understand enterprise-wide projects. But identity management projects have their own unique challenges – both technical and political – and if the individuals performing the work have never implemented your chosen vendor’s product, then odds are that expectations will not be met.

What Differentiates Us From Others…

Identity Fusion has decades of experience architecting and implementing identity management solutions from multiple vendors. But it is our ability to blend education and consulting into the same engagement that differentiates us from other companies and makes Identity Fusion such a valuable partner. This is reflected in our requirements sessions, architectural design workshops, project implementation, and during the transition to support. It can be seen in the way we perform whiteboard sessions and in every document that we produce. When you work with Identity Fusion consultants, you can be assured that not only have you made the right design choices, but that you fully understand the choices that you have made (and how they differ from the alternatives).