Managed Services

Identity applications have become critical components in a company’s IT and security infrastructures, but some companies lack the skills or resources to properly maintain their identity management environment. This can lead to satisfaction issues and even worse security holes.

Consider the following:
  • An unreachable single sign-on solution can prevent employees from logging in to mission critical applications
  • A user provisioning system that fails to remove terminated employees can leave gaps in a company’s security
  • An enterprise directory that is improperly tuned can impact the entire identity infrastructure
  • Inaccurate data in any of these components can prevent access, or even worse can grant inappropriate access to the wrong people.
Managed Services
In cases where a company has the resources but simply needs them to be enabled, Identity Fusion offers education services. For those times, however, where a company does not have the resources or is simply seeking assistance in managing their identity infrastructure, Identity Fusion offers managed services.

Managed Service Offerings:

Identity Fusion’s managed services offerings are customizable to your needs. It’s like having an identity management expert on call when you need them – and if we do our job right, before you even know that you need them!


Identity Fusion consultants will provide assistance in ongoing activities such as: onboarding of SSO applications using appropriate methods and/or protocols (agents, proxies, SAML2, OAUTH2, etc.), creation of policies or access control instructions to ensure the right people have access to the right resources, creation of appropriate workflows to manage user identities, and effective synchronization of identity data between authoritative and target systems.


Knowing what to monitor is more important than simply monitoring the application, itself. If your monitoring tools are only performing healthcheck operations, you are missing the big picture and giving yourself a false sense of security. Identity Fusion Monitoring Services analyze the ongoing health of your identity applications and notify you of impending problems in a proactive manner (rather than reactive as most healthcheck applications perform).


Armed with the information provided from Identity Fusion Monitoring Services, our support engineers can recommend which parameters should be modified to keep your applications running efficiently.


Identity Fusion support engineers will proactively monitor new releases of your identity management applications. They will review and discuss any new features you might want to consider, advise as to whether the release is compatible with your existing environment, and help you coordinate an upgrade (if appropriate).

Identity Fusion’s managed service offerings augment your existing vendor support contracts, they do not replace them.