Learn – Play – Contribute – Succeed

Why should you consider joining us when there are already so many other companies you could work with?  Let’s first take a look at Identity Fusion’s foundation and the traits that define us as a company.

  • Family – First and foremost, we are a family.  We work together, play together, laugh together and even cry together.
  • Integrity – We are honest with our customers, honest with each other, and honest with ourselves.
  • Diversity – We come from all walks of life and each of us brings something different to the team.  As such, we learn from each other aspects that have nothing to do with technology.
  • Passion – The Identity Fusion team shares a common passion for excellence.  Our primary focus is the success of our customers and each other as well.
  • Education – Identity Fusion is in the business of teaching.  It is a core premise behind everything we do – both internally and for our customers.
  • Laughter – A successful team member is one that knows how to laugh. (Click the link to see: Examples of Identity Fusion at play!)

If any of these traits apply to you, then we are always on the lookout for quality developers, architects, and implementors to join our family.  Here are a few of the positions we are currently looking to fill:

Title Overview
Web Developers 

Web developers implementing solutions both internally and for our customers.

Identity Consultants 

Consultants architecting and implementing identity solutions for our customers.

Java Developers 

Developers working on deliverables for our customers or engaged on internal projects.