In case you missed it!

RockMon has some new upgrades that will make your work life easier! Release 1.13 added many new updates that include but are not limited to: RockMon agents reporting their own log levels (an indicator that product systems may be filling up), the ability to disable instance monitoring (when needed) while continuing to monitor system metrics, easier password management, a new feature request option within RockMon to enter your suggestions, and many others.

Version 1.13 Release Notes:

Agent Password Management

Agent password management has been improved to now include a Generate New Password button that will display a modal window for the user to update the password. The modal window also includes a link to download the new file for the updated agent.

Allow an organization member to leave an organization

Organization members can now leave the organizations in RockMon that they are no longer participating in. This can be done by selecting the Organization Details menu option, then in the Members box select the trashcan icon next to the member’s name.

Add Additional Details to the Activity History Report regarding Member Invites

The Activity History Report now includes more information about member invite actions that occur in RockMon. For example, we now include who invited who and to what organization including the role they were invited to.

Add the Aha! Idea (Feature Request) link to the RockMon Support Menu

RockMon users can now suggest new feature requests for the product by selecting the Support menu option and then selecting Feature Requests in the drop down. A list of all feature requests can be viewed in the same Feature Requests screen. The user who inputs a new feature will be notified as the feature progresses through the software development process.