In case you missed it!

See the new usability improvements in RockMon Release 1.17! Additions include adding new dynamic and real-time moving data flows to the organization diagram, providing new End Of Service Life (EOSL) alerts (yay for easier inventory control), a new configuration history report, adding the ability to monitor dedicated replication servers, easier access to your managed organizations, and many more!

Version 1.17 Release Notes

Dynamic connections added to the Organization Diagram

The connections between instances and nodes in the Organization Diagram are now animated showing the direction of data flows. In addition, they show colors representing the status of the instances connected. A green line shows the data flow between active instances, whereas red indicates one or both instances need attention.

Change the edit menu in the Organization Diagram

The edit menu for the organization diagram is now a floating menu that allows for easy placement and ease of use. New instances and nodes can be simply added from the floating edit menu by dragging and dropping them on to the diagram. This makes any manual edits a breeze to add.

Monitoring of dedicated replication servers

Agents can now monitor dedicated replication servers with the addition of the DS personality types of Replication Server, Proxy Server, and IDM Repo.

End of service life alerts

End of Service Life (EOSL) alerts can now be set to send you notifications 180, 365, or a custom set number of days prior to their expiration providing you with ample time to plan for upgrades regardless of the type of instance(s) you will be upgrading. This is a great tool for inventory control and upgrade management.

Add easier access to the My Organizations screen

A new submenu option called My Organizations will reside under the Organization menu to allow for quicker access to manage your organizations.

Alphabetized list of organizations

We have arranged the organization list for each user to be displayed in alphabetical order. This will make it much easier for customers that have many organizations to quickly access those organizations within RockMon.

Report downloads available in CSV format

All report downloads are now available in CSV format as well as the original PDF format. This will make it much easier to copy the information into spreadsheets for quicker manipulation and dissemination of your environment data.

Ability to rename a custom dashboard

Custom dashboards can now be renamed. So you no longer have to live with the mistake of saved typos in the name.

What’s New? menu option

Curious about the latest additions and enhancements to RockMon? All you have to do is select the What’s New? menu option in the support menu to see the latest and greatest improvements to RockMon!

Ticketing integration via email

RockMon now has the ability to send notifications to your support ticketing system. This is simply accomplished by adding the support email address of your ticketing system in the system settings screen. The email notification will then be sent to the one location that is most convenient for you and your support team.

Configuration History

The Configuration History Report was added to provide historical information about any configuration changes that occur to your Access Management and Directory Services instances. In addition, RockMon will send out notifications when those changes occur so if you aren’t aware of the changes, you can investigate them quickly.

Addition of time started and duration to instances

You can now see at a glance the times started and duration online for instances that have changed in status. This will make it easier for support personnel to see how long a given instance has been online following a previous shutdown.

Disable messages time frame

We have added the ability to set time frames for messages sent when disabling instances and agents. Now members won’t get spurious messages for planned maintenance on the environment.