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Dealing with Grief in a Social Setting

We had to put our family dog down. Princess Buttercup of Petersburg was my daughter’s first real pet and as my daughter grew so  did Buttercup.  For the past twelve years we celebrated life’s events and Buttercup was right there with us, every step of the way. Birthdays, holidays, even more pets; we could look Read more

Trust – The Missing Ingredient

I was having a conversation with friends the other day and while it may sound nerdy as hell, the topic was focused on identity.  I swear (trust me) that no drinks were involved but the conversation went pretty deep, nonetheless.  What is identity, how is it used, and how can it be protected?  Like Aristotle Read more

“Breast-Grabber Dude” Caught on Camera

Invasion of privacy debates have escalated once again as a traffic camera snaps a shot of a speeder caught touching a woman’s breast. (Full story can be found here.) It is right to debate surveillance cameras, but am I the only one wondering how the picture made it to the Internet in the first place? Read more

Secret Identities

Methinks that Ziggy secretly works for Facebook. He is incorrect, however, everyone needs secret identities.

Facebook’s Trolling for Keywords

I posted a status to Facebook that included the words “Sea World” and all of a sudden I received a recommended page for Sea World and other Orlando theme parks in their advertisement section.  Does anyone really think that Facebook isn’t parsing every post for nuggets they can glean and use for advertising purposes? From Read more

Is Your Intellectual Property Slipping Out the Door with Their Pink Slip?

(I wrote the following article for BABM Business Magazine back in May/June of 2009. The article is reprinted here with their permission.) With the latest layoff news continuing to add chaos to the economy, CEOs need to protect their businesses in case of staff cuts, restructuring or consolidation of offices. While your company may not Read more